There are two steps to setting up your Greenhouse Booking link:

  1. Create the Booking Link in Prelude

  2. Paste it into a Template in Greenhouse

Once these are complete, you will have an easy to send template in Greenhouse, with a link that your candidates can use to schedule interviews! 

*Note* These Bookings links must be associated with a specific job in Greenhouse.

You can create a Greenhouse Bookings Link in Prelude in a few quick steps! Once you've created your first link, you can simply duplicate it and edit Step 2.

  1. Creating the Link

  2. Name Your Link

  3. Greenhouse Settings

  4. Interview Step

  5. Interviewer Availability Step

  6. Candidate’s Experience Step

  7. Calendar Invites Step

  8. Email Confirmations

  9. Rescheduling

Not a Greenhouse user, but still want to use bookings? Check out this article!  

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