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Bookings - "Interview" Step
Bookings - "Interview" Step

Adding your interviewers and setting the interview duration

Written by Rob McManus
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In the Interviewer's section, you can add: 

  1. Multiple interviewers: You can add multiple interviewers to a link, so that each of them is required to be present

  2. Alternates: You're able to create a "Round Robin" link by adding alternate interviewers to the link! The candidate will select a time without knowing which interviewer's calendar they're selecting.

3. Attributes

4. Rooms: You're able to select a single room or a pool of rooms that Prelude can book when the candidate selects their time. If you check the box below, the candidate will not be able to book a time if one of the rooms are not available.

Interview Duration

You can also edit the duration of this interview

For details about Interviewer Availability please see here!

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