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Bookings - "Calendar Invites" Step
Bookings - "Calendar Invites" Step

How to create calendar invites that are automatically sent

Written by Rob McManus
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Calendar Invites

On the Calendar Invites page, you can choose who to send calendar invitations to, as well as customize the copy.

At the top right, you'll select "Copy Placeholders" to copy any options you wish to be autofilled when the invite is created. This is also where you can populate the answers to your questions on the Candidate Experience page.

*Please note that you can also select a virtual meeting placeholder as long as you have that integration enabled.*

You can then select who gets your calendar invite. This same invite can be sent to both the interviewer as well as the candidate. You can also create a separate invite for the candidate if you prefer.

Before confirming your calendar invite, you can mark an event as private by checking the available box.

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