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Bookings - "Rescheduling" Step
Bookings - "Rescheduling" Step

Reschedule settings for your Bookings

Written by Rob McManus
Updated over a week ago


You can allow your candidates to reschedule using the same link you sent them initially!

To allow this, you need to first select "Show candidates a rescheduling option". This give you the option to set a deadline for their ability to reschedule before the interview.

You can also allow the candidate to reschedule with their link up to three days after the initial interview time has passed. 

If you don't want to allow your candidates to reschedule on their own, you can simply uncheck that "Show candidates a rescheduling option" box. This will force the candidate to reach out to you for a rescheduling link

Now you have your Booking link created! 

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