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Loops - Getting Started
Loops - Getting Started

A quick start guide for scheduling complicated onsite interviews

Written by Rob McManus
Updated over a week ago

When you login to Prelude, you will be automatically routed to the first page of the Loops process. Below are details about how to get started!

Are you using Greenhouse as your ATS? Get started here!

  1. Template: Select a Saved Loops Template that you've created! Looking for details about how to create/edit a Loops template?

  2. Timezone: Select the timezone you wish to schedule this interview in! Don't worry, you'll be alerted if any interviewers are located in a different timezone. 

  3. Add Interviewers: You can add an Attribute, Alternate Interviewers, or Multiple Interviewers

  4. Duration: Decide how long each interview in the panel should be. Want to set a default duration?

  5. Order: If you want to make sure that a certain interview in the panel happens in a specific order (for example: First or Second), you can set that here. 

  6. Start Time: Do you have one or a few specific times that you need certain interviews to take place? You can select one or more times per interview here. 

  7. Rooms: You are able to create a pool of possible conference rooms that will work for your onsite interview. On the results page, Prelude will show you which conference rooms are available for the corresponding time slots.

  8. Allow Different Rooms: If this is toggled on, it will allow different rooms to be chosen for different portions of the Loop. This will happen if there isn't a room free for the entire Loop.

  9. Optional: If this is toggled on, Prelude will still allow the panel to be scheduled even if no rooms are available.

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