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Loop Setup Templates

How to create and edit Loops setup templates

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If you are regularly scheduling the same panel interviews, you can save those templates in the Loop function! These templates are shared across your team and can be edited by anyone in your organization.Β 

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Creating a New Loop Setup Template

The Actions menu on the Loops page allows users to create, edit, rename, and delete Loop Setup templates.

  1. Customize your preferences for the Loop template on the Loops tab.

  2. Click Actions > Save as New Template.

  3. Name your template, then click OK.

Making Changes to an Existing Loop Setup Template

After selecting a template, the Actions menu will include additional options to edit (save template changes), save as new template, rename, or delete an existing template:

πŸ“ Note: All changes to Loop Setup Templates are company wide.

Importing Templates from your ATS

The benefit of importing Loop Setup templates is that all of the information about which interviews and interviewers correspond to a given job and stage will pull in from the ATS.

Those templates can then be applied when scheduling candidates in Loops, which speeds up the Loops flow significantly.

Greenhouse and Workday users can import Loop Setup templates from their ATS. We do not currently support importing Loop Setup templates for Lever users.

To get started, navigate to the Import page, which can be found under Settings > Templates > Loops > Loop Setup > Import.

On the Import page, you will see the following options:

  • Automatically import templates from the ATS

    • If enabled, a new Loop Setup Template will be created once a new interview plan has been created in the ATS. Please note, that there may be a delayed sync.

  • Automatically update templates imported from the ATS

    • If enabled, changes made to interview plans that have been imported will update in Prelude. Any changes to those templates made directly in Prelude will be overridden. Please note, that there may be a delayed sync.

  • Manually import individual templates

    • Users can select a specific job and stage, and then import that particular interview plan.

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