Prelude's ATS Chrome Extension

Use Prelude's Chrome Extension to seamlessly create Requests and Loops in Lever, Greenhouse, and Workday.

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Are you using Lever, Greenhouse, or Workday as your Applicant Tracking System?

To get the most out of this functionality, you will need to download the Prelude Chrome Extension.

**Please note that due to a recent update to the extension, so you might need to re-enable the extension in your Chrome Extension settings page in order for the browser bar and in-page buttons to appear. This can be accessed at chrome://extensions.**

Extension Download Instructions

  1. Visit this page in the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

  2. Pin the Chrome extension to ensure that the Prelude buttons automatically appear in your ATS.

To pin the Chrome extension:

  1. Click the puzzle piece icon in the top right corner of your Chrome browser.

  2. Click the pin icon next to Prelude.


Using the Extension

What it Looks Like:

Once you've downloaded Prelude's Chrome Extension, you will see a Schedule Loop button and a Request button on all Candidate Profiles within your ATS.

In Greenhouse:

In Lever:

In Workday:

What the Extension Does

The Schedule Loop and Request buttons have the same functionality across Greenhouse, Lever, and Workday.

Schedule Loop Button

Clicking the Schedule Loop button will launch Prelude's Loops page, with the candidate and job information pre-populated.

Here's what that launch looks like from your ATS to Prelude, using Workday as the example:

Once you've launched into Prelude, you can customize and schedule your Loop, and any scheduled interviews will sync back to your ATS!

Request Button

Clicking the Request button will open the Request sidebar, allowing you to create new Requests, or update existing ones for the selected candidate.

Here's a sample Availability Request creation flow using the extension in Greenhouse:

You can also use the Request sidebar to create Booking requests, launch from received availability to scheduling a Loop, and more!

Questions about Prelude's Chrome Extension? Contact Prelude Support!

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