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Google Meets - Setup & Use
Google Meets - Setup & Use

Setting up and using our Google Meets integration.

Written by Rob McManus
Updated over a week ago

This integration allows you to add Google Meets to calendar invites, and even add a consistent Google Meet link across a panel with multiple events. 

This is a good avenue to quickly get up and running on video interviews.

Setting up the Google Meets integration

Google Meets can be toggled on by you from the Integrations page:

Add Google Meets in Loops

Once the integration is turned on, you can add a Google Meet by using the Add Google Meet button on the final step in Loops:

We also support an easy way to add the same link to all calendar invites. After adding a Meet, simply toggle on “Use same Meet across all events” and the same link will be populated across all invites:

Adding Google Meets in Bookings

You can add Google Meet links into Bookings by adding the Google Meet placeholder into a calendar invite or email confirmation template, here:

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