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Microsoft Teams - Setup & Use

Add Microsoft Teams video call links within Loops

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Prelude integrated with Microsoft Teams. In this article we'll cover three topics: 1) turning on the Teams integration, 2) using the Teams integration, and 3) how the Teams meetings appear in your Outlook calendar.

Turning on the Teams Integration

To enable the Teams integration, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Teams. Simply toggle the integration to On, and click Save. That's it, Teams is now integrated!

Using the Teams Integration

When scheduling a Loop, you'll now see the option to make an interview (or group of interviews) into a Teams meeting.

On the Schedule step, just click "Add Teams Meeting":

This will ensure the invite is a Microsoft Teams meeting. You can go one step further, and "Use same Teams meeting for all events" to make sure there is a consistent link across the Loop, without any copy-and-pasting between invites!

Outlook invites

Once a Teams meeting has been scheduled, it will appear in Outlook like this, with the Teams link automatically generated:

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