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How to access and send invites for interview debriefs

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Once you've finished creating a loop on the platform, you'll automatically have access to the "Debrief" tab on the page after confirming loop details.

If you're working to create a debrief for a loop some time after you've created it, just click the "Interviews" tab in main navigation and filter for the specific loop.

Once that's done, click the pencil icon on the far right.

You'll be transferred to a new screen where you can select "Debrief" on the top sub-navigation panel.

Now, you can provide all potential dates and extend the range for multiple days if needed by using the plus sign button on the "Dates" step.

Next, use the "Results" step to select your schedule of choice as usual.

On the "Schedule" step, you can create a template for your debrief invite, copy the schedule, add video conferencing, add additional interviewers and more!

Note: Debriefs do not count against load balancing and reporting figures.

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