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Loops Schedule Overview Templates
Loops Schedule Overview Templates

How to customize the Loops schedule overview feature to suit your team.

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Schedule Overview templates are used to customize the schedule information that appears for interviewers and candidates for Loops. Having two different overview types allows you to customize what information is shared with each party (candidates and interviewers).

  • Candidate Overviews use the {{Candidate schedule overview}} placeholder in your candidate invites and email communications.

  • Interviewer Overviews use the {{Schedule overview}} placeholder in your interviewer invites.

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Managing Schedule Overview Templates

To get started, navigate to your Prelude Settings page and click Templates on the left-hand side. You'll see two options under the Templates > Loops Schedule Overview Templates section: Candidate Overviews and Interviewer Overviews:

Click on the Candidate Overviews or Interviewer Overviews option to see existing templates. On this page, you will have the following options:

  1. Create a new template

  2. Edit the template

  3. Duplicate the template

  4. Delete the template

Editing Schedule Overview Templates

When creating/editing an Overview template, you'll have a number of customization options. The fields you'll be able to customize are:

  • Name

  • Group By - Date, Date and Location, or None

  • Date Header Format

  • Multi-Interview Format - for multi-interview Loops

  • Single Interview Format - for single-interview Loops

  • Interviewer Format - how the {{Interviewers}} placeholder will display

You can see these fields in the editing screen below:

Within each format field, you can enter the information you want to present to your candidates / interviewers by selecting from placeholders and typing out text.

Throughout the process, you'll be provided an example Preview:

Once you're done editing, click Create / Update. Now your template is ready for use in Loops! Any existing Schedule Overview template will automatically follow the updated Overview for new invites/emails.

Adding a Schedule Overview to an Invite/Email Template

After you create a new Schedule Overview, you will need to add in the new placeholder in your Loops interviewer/candidate templates.

Navigate to the interviewer/candidate template you want to edit and go to the Body text box. In the edit toolbar, expand the Placeholder list, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see the option to add in your new overview:

The above example shows to how add a Candidate Schedule Overview to a candidate email template.

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