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Settings - Schedule Overview Templates
Settings - Schedule Overview Templates

How to customize the Loops schedule overview feature to suit your team

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Users can customize the way that interview schedules appear in their interviewer and candidate invites using Prelude's templates! To start, head over to your Prelude Settings page.

Once you're in Settings, click "Templates" on the left-hand side. You'll see two options under the "Templates" > "Loops Schedule Overview Templates" section: Candidate Overviews and Interviewer Overviews.

  • Candidate Overviews are the schedule overviews that can be pulled into candidate-facing invites and communications.

  • Interviewer Overviews are the schedule overviews that can be pulled into internal invites and communications.

Having two different overview types allows you to customize what information is shared with each party (candidates and interviewers).

Click on the "Candidate Overviews" or "Interviewer Overviews" option to view, edit, and create your templates.

Overview Template Options

When creating a new Overview template, you'll have a number of customization options. The fields you'll be able to customize are:

  • Template Name

  • Group By (Date, Date and Location, or None)

  • Date Header Format

  • Multi-interview Format (What the overview will look like for multi-interview Loops)

  • Single interview Format (What the overview will look like for single-interview Loops)

  • Interviewer format (What the {{Interviewers}} placeholder will display, when used)

You can see these fields in the editing screen below:

Within each field, you can choose the information you want to present to your candidates from a variety of placeholders, like these:

You can also type text directly into any of the fields on the editing screen.

Throughout the process, you'll be provided a schedule overview preview so you can be confident when saving! The preview will appear at the bottom of the screen, like this:

Once you're done editing, click "Create" if working on a new template, or "Save" if working on an existing template. Now your template is ready for use in Loops invites!

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