There are three types of templates for Requests:

  1. Request Invite Templates: these are the invites that are automatically sent when a candidate books a time.

  2. Request Email Templates: these are the templates you’ll use for the initial emails you send asking candidates to book time and also for candidate confirmation emails.

  3. General Request Templates: these are general templates that anyone on your team can use and customize per candidate as a starting point.

Create Request Invites in Settings by clicking on Request Invite Templates.

While there is no limit as to how many invite templates you create, you’ll want at least one invite specifically for your candidates, and at least 1 invite specifically for your interviewers.

For Request Email Templates you can create
1. Candidate Confirmation Emails

2. Candidate Booking Request Emails

3. Availability Request Emails

Lastly, Request Templates. These can be used/customized by anyone on your team. Again, we’ll give it a clear name, and then set the flow to “Booking Request.”

Leave the interviewer blank so anyone can use the template, and set your default duration. You can apply templates you’ve already created for confirmation communications.

Do you learn better by watching? Feel free to watch the video tutorial for more information. To get an overview of the entire Requests feature, read the Overview.

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