Interviewer Profiles

Allow interviewers to manage their own preferences with the Interviewer Profile.

Written by Larry Price
Updated over a week ago

You can give interviewers the ability to manage their own availability and preferences without being able to reach settings or the full scheduling product.

If enabled, interviewers will see their Interviewer Profile immediately after logging in, or they can navigate to their Interviewer Profile by clicking on their initials in the top right corner, and then selecting "Interviewer Profile."

In the Interviewer Profile, interviewers can edit their own:

  • Basic information: nickname, title, LinkedIn profile, note, and time zone

  • Availability: time preferences and blockout dates

  • Automatic conflict resolution phrases

Interviewers will NOT be able to edit restricted fields. They can still view the information, but will not be able to make changes to:

  • Status (active/inactive/archived)

  • Attributes and training

  • Interview limits

If you're interested in enabling interviewer access, reach out and let your Customer Success Manager know!

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