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Missing Interviewers

Why is the interviewer I'm trying to schedule not showing up?

Written by Larry Price
Updated over a week ago

When trying to add interviewers to an interview, sometimes the user you are searching for isn't showing up. In this article, we will detail a couple of different ways you can try to solve this problem.

Checking Interviewer Status in Prelude

The search will only return Active interviewers, so head over to the Interviewers tab and make sure everyone's status is set correctly. To see non-active interviewers, you will need to include Inactive and Archived in the status filter at the top of the tab:

Then click on a user and change their status back to active:

Checking Interviewer Status in Your Company Directory

Interviews are pulled in from your company's directory, not from your ATS. If the interviewer is not in your company directory, they can't be pulled into Prelude and you will need to partner with your IT team to get this resolved. You can verify whether or not they're in your directory here:

Google - Directory Sharing

If a Google user has directory sharing turned off, they will not show up when searching for an interviewer. If they were previously synced and their directory sharing was turned off after, their status will be set to Archived every time the directory is synced.

In order to turn on directory sharing for the missing interviewer, you will need to partner with your IT team as only an admin can enable this setting. They can follow these instructions, and once enabled, the missing interviewer should be pulled in during the next directory sync.

Interviewer Sync Interval

Our system automatically syncs with your company's directory to keep an updated list of interviewers, but this sync only happens every 12 hours. If the interviewer was just added to your directory, they may not appear in the interviewer search until the next sync happens.

If you've followed all of the steps above and the interviewer is still missing in Prelude, please reach out to the Support chat and we'd be happy to help you troubleshoot further!

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