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How to set up and customize Zoom host pools.

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What is a host pool?

A host pool is a list of possible Zoom hosts that are used specifically for scheduling interviews. These are not standard users, but special, non-human Zoom accounts designated for hosting conflict-free Zoom meetings. Ideally, these accounts should have higher concurrent meeting allowances than individual Zoom users.

Ex: You create & which can each host 5 concurrent meetings. Using these two hosts in your host pool, you can now host 10 concurrent meetings!

Please note: These hosts must be users in your calendar and Zoom account.

How to enable:

Head over to Prelude’s settings, click on the Integrations tab, and select Zoom from the dropdown menu.

Toggle the “Use Host Pool” button, and enter in each host’s email. Once they’re all added, click Save Host Pool Settings and you’re done!

How to use:

On the loop schedule screen you will find a dropdown menu located at the top left of the page above the first interview date. Here you can choose between setting the host as yourself, the first interviewer (alphabetically by email), a random host from your host pool, or even search for a specific interviewer by name (for company-authenticated Zoom accounts only)!

Note: The use of host pools can also be enabled for Bookings and Requests, but must be enabled separately.

Interested in enabling host pools? Your Customer Success Manager would be happy to help!

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