Within an interviewer’s profile, there are two methods of marking calendar events as movable / unmovable:

  1. Automatic Conflict Resolution

  2. Designating specific phrases for Prelude to automatically mark when displaying results.

Marking a calendar event as movable will allow the event to be booked over when scheduling a loop. Prelude will tag said event on the selected interview time to notify the scheduler that there is already an event occurring during this time, but the scheduler is free to schedule over it (ideally only if there are no other options). This only applies to loops and does not affect bookings or requests.

Marking a calendar event as unmovable will prevent the scheduler from booking over this event when scheduling a loop. Prelude will initially hide results with conflicts and highlight unmovable events at the top of the results screen to notify the scheduler that these events should not be scheduled over.

The scheduler can still manually override this if necessary by clicking the "x" on the highlighted meeting to ignore it and display results with conflicts.

Unmarked events (neither movable nor unmovable) can be marked when scheduling.

Note: This behavior differs from marking “Free” events as Free/Available within a booking’s settings. Whereas booking links essentially ignore events marked "Free" and treat them as open blocks free for scheduling over, events marked as movable are still considered conflicts when scheduling a loop, and Prelude will avoid presenting these options if there are other, conflict-free options available.

Automatic Conflict Resolution:

By toggling this feature ON, Prelude will automatically mark “Free” events as movable. This applies to events marked as Free in the interviewer’s calendar. Busy events will still be treated as conflicts when scheduling and manual intervention will be required.


Prelude allows users to designate specific phrases that indicate whether an event should be considered movable / unmovable. Any calendar events containing the entire phrase will be flagged accordingly. These phrases are not case sensitive.

Ex: If “Values interview” is added within an interviewer’s profile as a phrase indicating an event is movable, calendar events with the titles listed below will be considered movable:

  • Values interview - Prelude

  • Values interview - Interview Schedule

  • Values interview DO NOT BLOCK

  • BUSY - Values interview

  • BLOCK - Values interview - Do NOT book over


  • values interview

However, calendar events with the titles listed below will NOT be considered movable:

  • Value interview

    • The term is “Values interview” not “Value interview”

  • Values - interview

    • Although this phrase contains both “Values” and “interview”, they are separated by a dash and are no longer identical phrases. The two words are not considered separate, but a singular, connected phrase.

  • Interview values

    • The phrase is inverted.

  • Values interview

    • It may help to visualize the spaces between Values and interview as underscores. Values_interview is not the same as Values___interview.

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