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Calendar Access Errors
Calendar Access Errors

Why am I getting an error stating I'm unable to access a calendar?

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During your company's initial setup with Prelude, Prelude is granted access to most, if not all users' calendars (for scheduling purposes). This access is expected to persist and should not be lost at any point. Errors, however, are possible in different parts of Prelude and correspond to different issues.

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If when scheduling you get an error saying Prelude could not access an interviewer's calendar, it's likely due to an interviewer in your loop / request template being Archived / Inactive.

Note: Although it's possible the user was set to Inactive / Archived due to a transient issue, it's also possible this was updated intentionally due to a change in employment, leave of absence, etc. Be sure to verify that the interviewer is still active internally. Otherwise, you might receive the error again or accidentally schedule an inactive interviewer.

If you're experiencing this error and you've verified the interviewer is still active internally, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the Interviewers tab

  2. Click on the Status dropdown and select Active, Inactive, and Archived

  3. Select the Inactive / Archived interviewer

  4. Set their status to Active and hit Save

If you continue seeing this error immediately after making the change, try resetting your browser, logging in and out of Prelude, then try again.

Interview Edit Page

If when attempting to edit an interview you get an error saying you do not have write access to the calendar, it's likely due to either the interview having been scheduled onto a personal calendar or a recent internal change causing you to lose access to a shared calendar.

Due to the nature of these errors, you will need to partner internally to get these fixed. If the issue is related to loss of write access to a shared calendar, please reach out to the owner of the shared calendar to regain access.

We currently don't support changing interviews' calendars after they've been scheduled, so once they've been scheduled onto a personal calendar only the scheduler can edit them.

Note: Although Prelude does not support changing interviews' calendars after they've been scheduled, these changes can be made directly in your calendar. If you do this, however, Prelude will lose track of these interviews entirely and there is no way to re-link them. We strongly advise against doing this as you will no longer be able to utilize Prelude to make edits, schedule debriefs, or send out invites / communications.

If you've followed all of these steps and the error remains, please reach out to our Support chat and we'd be happy to help you troubleshoot further!

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