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Interviews Missing in Prelude
Interviews Missing in Prelude

My interview still appears in my calendar and ATS, but it's not in the Interviews tab in Prelude. Where did it go?

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Occasionally, scheduled interviews take a few minutes to appear in the Interviews tab in Prelude. If you recently scheduled an interview and it is appearing in your calendar and ATS, but not showing up in Prelude, check back in a few minutes.

If your interview does not appear in the Interviews tab, proceed to the troubleshooting steps below.

My interview disappeared from Prelude!

If an interview was scheduled through Prelude and it is no longer showing in the Interviews tab, but it is showing in the calendar and ATS, it is extremely likely that the event was moved from the calendar that it was originally scheduled to. Check in with your team to see if someone might have moved the event from its original calendar.

Unfortunately, once the event has been moved from its original calendar, Prelude can no longer recognize that event (even if you move it back to the original calendar). The only way to have the lost interview reappear on your Interviews page would be to schedule it again.

How can I prevent this from happening again in the future?

Losing your interviews is inconvenient, and we want to prevent it from happening as much as possible. We always recommend checking that your events are going to the correct calendar before scheduling. It only takes a second, and can save you a lot of hassle!

You can also set default calendars for different types of interview invites by editing your invite templates.

Setting a default calendar for Bookings and Booking Request invites:

1. Head to your Request Invite Templates.

2. Open a new or existing invite template.

3. Click on the Calendar drop-down and select the calendar that you'd like your interviews to be scheduled to.

4. Click "Create" (if creating a new template) or "Update" (if editing an existing template).

5. You can now use this invite template within your Request Setup templates or when creating a Booking.

Setting a default calendar for Loops:

The default calendar for any Loop will be whichever calendar the user most recently selected when scheduling a Loop. We suggest scanning the Calendar field each time a Loop is scheduled to ensure that invites are sent to the correct calendar.

To check the calendar that your Loop is being scheduled to, create your Loop and select a schedule from the Results page.

Once you reach the Schedule page, scroll to the bottom and select a calendar from the drop-down menu:

Then, click Schedule. Whichever calendar you select will also be the default calendar for your next Loop.

If your interviews are not appearing in Prelude and you know that they were not moved from the calendar they were originally scheduled to, please contact Support to continue troubleshooting!

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