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Invalid Zoom Meeting Link
Invalid Zoom Meeting Link

I scheduled an interview and added a Zoom link, but it says the meeting ID is not valid.

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Oh no! You scheduled an interview through Prelude and added a Zoom meeting, but when you click to join the meeting, you get a pop-up stating "This meeting ID is not valid."

The primary reason for an invalid Zoom link is that someone at your organization moved the event from the calendar it was originally scheduled to. Even if the event is moved back to its original calendar, our system reads the event as deleted, and deletes the Zoom meeting in accordance with that.

Once an event has been moved from its original calendar and broken the Zoom link, the best way to get a functioning Zoom link is to re-create the event in Prelude. Making event edits directly on the calendar could result in unstable behavior or missing information in Prelude.

For tips on how to prevent this issue from recurring in the future, see this article on interviews not appearing in Prelude.

If you've determined that the event was never moved from the calendar it was originally scheduled to, but you're still running into invalid Zoom links, please contact Support and we'd be happy to help!

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