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Superday Candidate Communications
Superday Candidate Communications

How to set up email templates and send candidate confirmation emails for your Superday.

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Regardless of how your candidates are scheduled for their Superday (either by the Prelude user or a self-scheduling link), you'll want to ensure that they receive an email with all the information they'll need about their upcoming interview.

Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to create Superday communication templates and apply them to candidate emails.

Superday Candidate Email Templates

Create email templates for your Superday communications by navigating to Settings > Templates > Superday Candidate Emails. From here, you can create any candidate communication templates you'd like.

Since candidates will be assigned to general time slots, use either the {{Candidate selected date and time}} or {{Candidate selected date and time range}} placeholders to include the date/time of the candidate's interview panel:

Once you've created your templates, you can pull them into your candidate communications in a few different ways.

Confirmation Emails for Candidate Self-Scheduling

From the Schedule stage, click on the "Candidate Link" drop-down (1) and click "Candidate scheduling options" (2).

Once you're in the "Candidate scheduling options" pop-up, click "Email confirmations" and then "Add email." You can then apply any of your Superday Candidate Email templates:

Click "Apply" to apply the template before closing the pop-up window. All candidates who self-schedule will receive the confirmation email you've set up here.

Sending Individual Candidate Communications

Manually confirm each candidate upon scheduling by navigating to the Schedule stage of your Superday and clicking "Send confirmation" under the candidate's name:

You can apply any of your Superday Candidate Emails templates in these communications.

Sending Candidate Communications In Bulk

To send candidate communications to multiple candidates at once, navigate to the Candidate Communications stage and click "Send New Email." Apply the Superday Candidate Emails template of your choice.

In the "To" box drop-down, you can choose to email All candidates, Candidates who haven't been sent an email, or Candidates who have already been sent an email. You can also choose to email individual candidates.

Now you're all set up for your Superday! If you have any questions about Superday setup, feel free to contact Prelude Support.

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