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Troubleshooting Booking Availability
Troubleshooting Booking Availability

I know I have availability on my calendar, but my Booking link isn't showing enough available slots.

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Occasionally, Booking or Booking Request links may show availability that doesn't match what you see on your calendar. The reason for this is typically related to the booking settings or interviewer settings, or to the interviewer's calendar events.

If you believe that your Booking link is misrepresenting your availability, here are a few troubleshooting tips:

Load Balancing Limits

If an interviewer has reached their load balancing limit for the day or week, their booking link won't show availability for that time period. You can check if your interviewers have reached their limits by opening the Booking or Booking Request and clicking "Show Interviewer Limits."

You'll see a pop-up window that shows each interviewer's remaining load (how many more interviews they can do in that time frame) as well as their limit for either the day or week. At first, you'll just see the limit for that day, but you can use the date box to toggle to different date ranges.

If you need to make edits to an interviewer's load balancing limits, you can do so on their Interviewer Profile.

Be aware that if your candidate and interviewer invites are hosted on the same calendar (particularly if they are both hosted on the interviewer's calendar), the system could read these as two separate events, causing the interview to be counted twice toward the interviewer's load balancing. If an interviewer's "Remaining Load" seems too low, this could be the cause.

Buffer Settings

If you've set a buffer in your Booking settings, it will likely reduce the availability shown on your Booking link.

Take an example: You've created a Booking Request for a candidate to schedule a 30 minute meeting with you. You've set a 30 minute buffer for any meeting scheduled through that Booking Request. Now, instead of searching for a 30 minute available window on your calendar, Prelude is looking for a 60 minute window, since the total time of the meeting plus the buffer is 60 minutes.

If you or your interviewer has a busy calendar, you may need to reduce or remove buffers in order to display available time slots on your Booking link. You can adjust the buffer settings by opening the Booking or Booking Request and clicking "Interviewer Availability" (for regular Bookings) or "Availability" (for Booking Requests). Then, click "Advanced."

You'll now see the buffer options for your Booking or Booking Request.

From here, you can adjust your buffers as necessary.

Full Day Calendar Events

Sometimes, calendar events are hiding at the top of the screen! If you feel that a booking link is not accurately representing you or your interviewer's availability, make sure to check for any full-day calendar events.

Full-day events appear at the top of the calendar, like this:

Click on the event to see if it is marked as "Free" or "Busy." If it's marked "Busy," it will block that interviewer from being scheduled for that day.

Interviewer Considered Busy When Marked Free in Calendar

There’s also a small chance that your Booking or Booking Request is set to read events as busy even when marked “Free/Available” in your or your interviewer's calendar. You can double check this setting by going to the “Interviewer Availability”/ “Availability” section of your Request/Booking, clicking “Advanced,” and checking that this toggle is set to “Free.”

If you've tried these suggestions, but your Booking link is still not showing the correct availability, please contact Support and we'd be happy to help!

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