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Troubleshooting Loops Error "Oops, we can't schedule with that setup!"
Troubleshooting Loops Error "Oops, we can't schedule with that setup!"

My Loops Results page says "Oops, we can't schedule with that setup!" What does this mean, and how can I successfully schedule my Loop?

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When scheduling a Loop, you may see the following error on the Results page:

"Oops, we can’t schedule with that setup! 😬"

This error means that the Loop Setup and/or Interviewers have conflicting requirements. Note that this is unrelated to calendar availability.

To troubleshoot, check for the following criteria:

  • Start times - Are different interviews asking for the same start time?

  • Day # - Do you have interviews set to days that are incompatible with interview order or candidate availability?

  • Interviewer time preferences - Are your interviewers' time preferences too restrictive for the desired schedule? Is there enough overlap between the interviewers' time preferences and the candidate’s availability?

  • Load balancing - Are the interviewers at their interview limit for the selected day/week?

  • Blockout dates - Do the interviewers have blockout dates that overlap with the candidate’s availability?

If you’re still unable to generate Loops results, try applying some of the Need more results? options. You can also go back to the interviews step to check the setup, and then rerun the search.

Still not sure what's up? Start a chat and we'll help you sort it out!

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