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Scheduling Trainees for Loops Interviews
Scheduling Trainees for Loops Interviews

How to add trainees to Loops interviews.

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Once you've set up a training plan within an interviewer attribute, you can schedule your trainees for Loops interviews!

Trainees can be added to interviews on the Loops Results page, the Loops Schedule page, or the Loops Edit page.

Adding Trainees on the Loops Results Page

To add a trainee to your Loop on the Results page, first locate the schedule you'd like to add a trainee to. Then, find the student icon on your desired schedule result. The student icon will appear next to any attribute with a training plan.

Click the icon, and then search and select the desired interviewer from that attribute's training plan.

Once you've selected a trainee, their name, the attribute name, and their training stage will appear on the schedule result.

Finally, select the schedule you've added your trainees to, and proceed as normal with your Loop!

Adding Trainees on the Loops Schedule/Edit Page

If you've already selected your Loop schedule, or if you’ve fully scheduled your Loop, and you decide you'd like to add or swap a trainee, you can do so from the Schedule or Edit page for that Loop.

Start by navigating to the Schedule screen (for Loops in the process of being scheduled), or simply opening the Loop (for previously scheduled Loops). Then, locate the interview to which you'd like to add a trainee, and click the pencil icon to edit. On the left hand side, you'll see the option to "Add trainee."

Click the "Add Trainee" button, then input the attribute name and select the trainee you'd like to add.

Once you've selected your trainee, you'll see their name in the interviewers list as well as the schedule overview. Click "Apply Changes."

Don't forget to send updated invites to your Loop when you're finished.

Happy Training!

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