Assign meeting spaces during scheduling, or let Prelude select a space for you.

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If you need to add a physical location to your meetings when scheduling interviews, you can use the Rooms feature!

Rooms can be added to your Requests, Bookings, and Loops.

Adding Rooms to Booking Requests and Bookings

To add a Room to a Request, click the "Add Room" button below the "Interviewers" field of the Request setup:

For Bookings, the "Add Rooms" button also appears below the "Interviewers" field:

When adding Rooms to a Request or Booking, you can choose to make the Room's availability mandatory for scheduling:

If you toggle this option on, candidates will only be able to book times when both the interviewer and the Room are available.

Adding Rooms to Loops

Add rooms to your Loops by clicking the "Add rooms" button at the bottom of the Loop Setup screen.

Rooms can also be added on the Edit screen of your Loop:

When adding Rooms, you'll see a color-coded calendar icon which indicates the Room's availability, like this:

  • 🟒 πŸ—“ Green Calendar: The Room is available for the entire Loop.

  • 🟑 πŸ—“ Yellow Calendar: The Room is available for this particular interview, but not the entire Loop.

  • πŸ”΄ πŸ—“ Red Calendar: The Room is not available for this particular interview, but it might be available for other interviews in the Loop.

In this case, "the entire Loop" refers to the entire span of the Loop from start to finish, including any breaks in between.

For further questions about using scheduling with Rooms, feel free to contact Support!

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