What can I edit via Bulk Upload?

What fields can and cannot be edited using Prelude's Bulk Upload feature.

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Bulk Upload is an efficient way to edit a high volume of interviewer details at once using a CSV file.

The following Interviewer fields can be edited via Bulk Upload:

  • Attribute Membership (interviewers can be added to and/or removed from attributes via Bulk Upload)

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Interview Limits

  • Nickname

  • Title

  • Department

  • LinkedIn

  • Note

  • Status

  • Inactive Reason

It is also possible to create attributes via Bulk Upload, by including the new attribute name as the column header. However, it is not possible to delete attributes via Bulk Upload.

Note that Name and Email Address are not editable via Bulk Upload. These fields pull from your company's Google or Microsoft Directory.

To get started with your Bulk Upload, see this Help Center article: How to Complete a Bulk Upload.

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