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Greenhouse Webhooks - Setup
Greenhouse Webhooks - Setup

Setting up webhooks for more frequent updates between Prelude and Greenhouse.

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Prelude and Greenhouse integrate seamlessly to stay up to date when changes are made on either end. Although this communication happens on a regular basis, the frequency at which this information is communicated is not identical for both tools. Prelude instantly delivers updates to Greenhouse the moment they occur, but Prelude only receives updates from Greenhouse during regular syncs every few hours. Changes made between these syncs may not appear in Prelude during scheduling and typically require a manual sync to retrieve the most up to date candidate information with our standard setup. If more frequent updates are preferred, webhooks can easily be set up to have Prelude receive updates almost immediately as they occur in Greenhouse.

What are webhooks?

A webhook is a notification mechanism driven by events instead of requests. Rather than waiting on mass updates to be pulled in from Greenhouse during regularly scheduled intervals, webhooks can be configured to have Greenhouse notify Prelude each time a supported event occurs. These events include an application being created, candidate stage being changed, candidates being hired or deleted, etc. Once an action is taken in Greenhouse by a member of the recruitment team, a notification with details of the change is sent to Prelude and their profile is updated.

How are webhooks set up?

You'll start by heading over to the Greenhouse integration page in Prelude's settings here. You should see a section displaying a "Webhook URL" and a "Webhook secret key". If the boxes are empty, click the "Generate URL and secret key" button.

Keep this page open, as you'll need both the URL and secret key to configure the webhooks within Greenhouse, then head over to the settings page in Greenhouse. On the settings page, click on the Dev Center option within the left sidebar.

Note: In order to create webhooks, you must have Developer permissions for your company's Greenhouse account. You will not see Dev Center in the sidebar without these permissions.

While in the Dev Center, click on the Web Hooks option.

Then, select Web Hooks again.

Once on the web hook configuration page, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the event type (from the list of supported event types below).

  2. Name the the web hook (We recommend naming it after the event type).

  3. Copy and paste the webhook URL over from the Greenhouse integration page in Prelude's settings.

  4. Same as above for the secret key this time.

  5. Create the web hook.

  6. Repeat this step for each different event type. Be sure to use the same webhook URL and secret key for each new webhook.

Although Greenhouse supports a multitude of web hook event types, only a select few are relevant for scheduling purposes. Therefore only the relevant event types in the list below are supported:

  1. Application updated

  2. Candidate has been hired

  3. Candidate has been unhired

  4. Candidate has changed stage

  5. Candidate has submitted application

  6. Candidate or prospect rejected

  7. Candidate or prospect unrejected

  8. Candidate or prospect updated

  9. Delete candidate

  10. Interview deleted

  11. Job interview stage deleted

  12. Prospect created

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our Support team and we'd be happy to help!

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