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Journey Event Templates
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Journey Event Templates allow you to create candidate-facing titles and descriptions for interviews in Journeys:

The recommended best practice is to eventually create one Journey Event Template for every interview type, but this can happen over time.

Journey Event Templates can either be created in Settings -> Templates -> Journey Events, or while creating and editing Journeys (by clicking "Save" on the "Schedule" tab on the Edit Journey page):


Journey Event Templates are optional. If there is no Journey Event Template selected for an interview in a Journey, that interview will display with the title of the interview in your ATS (e.g. the name of the interview kit in Greenhouse), and no description.

Once you select a Journey Event Template for a given interview type (e.g. interview kit in Greenhouse), we will automatically select that Event Template again the next time a Journey is created that contains an interview with that an interview.

Example from the screenshot above: When a Journey is scheduled with an interview with the "PM Case Study" interview kit, we will pre-select the "Product Manager Case Study" Journey Event Template for this interview, since that was the template that was last chosen for this interview type.

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