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Greenhouse Custom Field Placeholders
Greenhouse Custom Field Placeholders
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Greenhouse users can use Prelude placeholders corresponding to custom fields in Greenhouse. There are two types of custom fields that can be pulled into Prelude as placeholders: Greenhouse job custom field and Greenhouse candidate custom field. They will appear in the placeholder drop-downs for Loops invite templates.

These placeholders can be used in Loops candidate emails, Loops candidate invites and Loops interviewer invites. They are not available in schedule overviews or request invites.

How to create Greenhouse custom fields

To use Greenhouse custom placeholders, first a custom field must be created within Greenhouse. The custom field can either pertain to a candidate or a job. You can find these fields by searching “Custom field” in Greenhouse:

To create a new custom field, click Add field.

Name the field and select the appropriate customizations. You do not need to select the "Create new email token" box. Then click Save.

The field should now appear as an option for all jobs/candidates. Fill out the information on the Greenhouse job page or candidate profile. The information you have in that field is what will pull into Prelude via the placeholder.

How to use Greenhouse custom field placeholders in Prelude

Once you’ve created and populated your custom field in Greenhouse, you can pull that information into Prelude via a placeholder (in Loops invites/emails only).

To do this, select either Greenhouse candidate custom field or Greenhouse job custom field from the placeholder dropdown. It will look like this (note that the placeholder contains an asterisk):

You then need to manually rename the placeholder to include the specific custom field name. Within the placeholder, replace the * with the name of the custom field in all lowercase, with underscores instead of spaces between words.

For example:

  • The Custom Job Field in Greenhouse is called Office Address

  • The placeholder in Prelude should read: {{Greenhouse job custom field:office_address}}

The information from that field will then populate in your Prelude invites!

For any questions about Greenhouse custom field placeholders, please contact Prelude Support!

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