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How to Use Our Slack Integration
How to Use Our Slack Integration

How to send out a Slack message directly from Prelude

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Now that your Slack integration is set up, you are able to utilize Slack without ever leaving Prelude!

From the main page of your Loops Interview, link an existing Slack channel or create a new one:

Please note, if your existing Slack Channel is private, you will need to add in the Prelude Bot by navigating to that channel in Slack, typing in @prelude, and clicking Send.

If you are creating a new channel, you are able to customize the Channel Name, Topic and Members.

Default Slack Message Format:

Channel Name: Candidate Name and Interview Date. (Exact format: first-last-interview-month-day-year)

Topic: View candidate: [Link to the candidate profile in your ATS]

Members: Interviewers in the scheduled Loop

You are able to add in any additional members as needed, such as the Recruiter, Hiring Manager, or another member of your talent team.

Once your channel is connected or created, select New Message.

By default, the schedule overview will appear along with a hyperlinked candidate name to their profile in your ATS. You are able to customize the message here to include any additional information such as request to accept calendar invite as soon as possible or notifying the team of any updates.

Once you are happy with your message, click Send.

Here is a preview of what your message will look like in Slack:

You can continue to use the "New Message" button to communicate any updates with your interviewers while in Prelude.

Note: Slack messages are currently available for Loops interviews only.

If you have any questions about Prelude's Slack integration, please contact Prelude Support!

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