Statuses of Requests
There are four Request Statuses, and each one has a different meaning, which we will explore in this article.
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Below is an image of how the Statuses of Requests are displayed, giving you the option to select as many or as few as you like at a time.


Statuses of Requests:

  • To Do: This is is the default status and it is what a request will show while you're working on it.

  • In Progress: This status will only be triggered once you've canceled a request and restored it.

  • Scheduled: This is when the candidate selects a time on a booking request (not when you schedule from an availability request).

    • For availability requests, the status must be manually updated.

  • Done: This is when the interview is completed and it has to be manually updated to this status.

How to change the status from in progress to done:

Users will need to manually change the status from in Progress to Done, as this change is not triggered automatically. They will need to:

  1. Navigate to the Requests tab.

  2. Click on the desired interview.

  3. Select done from the list of menu dropdown.


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