Statuses of Requests

Request Statuses can help your team sort and manage your Requests. This article will cover the five statuses and what they mean.

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There are five different Request statuses. This article will explain what each status means, and what actions can trigger it.

To Do

This is is the default status for a Request. All Requests will appear as To Do until further action is taken.

The To Do status is also triggered when:

  • A candidate submits availability (Waiting > To Do).

  • The invites associated with an Availability or Booking Request are canceled (Scheduled > To Do).

  • A Request has been canceled and then restored (Canceled > To Do).

Waiting (Previously "In Progress")

The Waiting status will be triggered when an availability or booking link has been sent to the candidate and is awaiting response.


The Scheduled status will be triggered for Booking Requests when a candidate books an interview slot.

It will be triggered for Availability Requests when a user schedules a Loop from that Availability Request.


The Done status will be triggered automatically for any Availability or Booking Request where an event was scheduled and took place more than 24 hours ago.


The Canceled status is triggered only by canceling a Request via the Actions menu:

Note that canceling the invites corresponding to a Request does not trigger the Canceled status. Instead, canceling the invites triggers the To Do status.

✨NEW (July 2023)✨

Updates to Request Statuses

As of July 2023, we have implemented some changes to Request statuses to increase status automation and convenience:

  • The In Progress status has been replaced by Waiting.

  • Requests will automatically move from To Do to Waiting status when a candidate link is sent.

  • Availability requests will automatically move from Waiting to To Do when a candidate submits their availability.

  • Requests will automatically move to To Do status when the corresponding Loop or Booking invites are canceled.

  • Any scheduled request will automatically be moved to Done if the event took place more than 24 hours ago.

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