Lever Bookings: Setup and Use

How to configure a new Lever Booking link.

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Lever Bookings offer the convenience and ease of regular Booking links, plus the ability to sync back to candidate Lever profiles. This article will cover how to set up a Lever Booking, Access Restriction Settings, and Candidate vs. Generic Links.

Link Setup

To create a new Lever Booking:

  1. Head to the Bookings or Interviews tab.

  2. Click New > Lever Booking.

  3. Under the Name step, give your Booking a name. Then click Next to proceed to the Lever Settings section.

  4. Under Lever Settings, you will choose:

    1. The Job that is associated with your Lever Booking. Note that interviews will only sync back to a candidate's Lever profile if they are an active candidate for the selected job.

    2. The Feedback Template that you would like to populate when candidates book using this link.

    3. Your Access Restriction Settings. See the Access Restriction Settings section below for more details!

  5. You can now add your interviewers, availability windows, calendar invites, email confirmations, reminders, and rescheduling options just as you would on any other booking.

Access Restriction Settings

Under the Lever Settings of your Booking, you will see the following Access Restriction options:

Allow generic links

You can choose to enable or disable generic links using the Allow generic links toggle under the Lever settings of your Booking.

If this toggle is off, you will only see the candidate link option on the Booking Overview page.

Allow bookings from candidates not found in Lever

If this setting is toggled ON, candidates will be able to book using the link, even if their email does not match a valid candidate profile in Lever. You can then manually match their booking response to a candidate profile to sync the interview.

If this setting is toggled OFF and a candidate tries to book with an email that does not match a Lever candidate on the specified Job, they will receive the following error: "Email not recognized. Please provide the same email used when applying for this role in Lever."

Candidate vs. Generic Links

Once you have created your Lever Booking link, the landing page for your booking will show a candidate link and a generic link.

Open the drop-downs below for more information about candidate and generic links and how to use them.

Candidate Links

Candidate links are candidate-specific URLs that are built using the candidate's email address. A candidate link might look something like this:

The candidate will not need to enter their email address when filling out a candidate link. From the candidate's perspective, the link submission will look like this:

Building Candidate Links

Candidate links must be built manually by entering the candidate's email address at the end of the booking link URL, or by pasting the candidate's email into the Test link box.

Generic Links

Generic links are reusable, non-candidate-specific URLs. When using a generic link, the candidate will be asked to enter their name and email address at the time of booking:

If the candidate enters a valid email address, Prelude will automatically sync the interview to their Lever profile. Here, a valid email address means an email that is associated with the Lever profile of an active candidate for the specified job.

It is also possible to book a time using an email that does not match a valid candidate profile in Lever, so long as Allow bookings from candidates not found in Lever has been enabled under Access Restriction Settings.

In this case, you will need to match the candidate to the desired profile after the interview is booked.

Matching candidates not found in Lever

If a candidate books a time using an email that does not match a valid candidate in Lever, you can still sync this interview to their candidate profile! This is helpful in cases where a candidate may have entered a typo, or applied using a different email address than the one they used to book the interview.

On the Booking Responses page, you will notice a warning icon and a message indicating that the candidate email is not recognized:

Click Select a candidate to choose the candidate whose profile you'd like to sync to. The pop-up will only display candidates who are active applicants for the selected job. (Fun fact: You can even sync interviews for candidates who are added to Lever after the interview was booked!)

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