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Bulk Uploads: Common Issues and Troubleshooting
Bulk Uploads: Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Things to be aware of before completing your Bulk Upload in Prelude.

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This article will outline some common issues or questions regarding Bulk Uploads in Prelude. Before completing your Bulk Upload, be aware that:

The maximum file size is 250KB.

Files larger than 250KB will not successfully upload.

Bulk uploading titles and departments will override directory sync.

It is important to note that bulk uploaded Titles and Departments will no longer sync from your company directory, unless manually reset. If you notice that Interviewer titles or departments are not updating, it could be because those titles were bulk uploaded at some point.

If you would like an Interviewer Profile to continue syncing the Title and Department fields from your Google or Microsoft directory after a title has been manually added, you can do so by clicking the reset arrow:

Blank cells may wipe existing data.

We advise removing blank cells and removing any rows or columns that do not need to be edited. Blank cells could cause existing data to be wiped.

Interviewers can be added to and removed from attributes via Bulk Upload.

To add interviewers to attributes: For each interviewer row, put a 1 in the column of each attribute to which you’d like to add the interviewer OR keep the interviewer.

To remove interviewers from attributes, leave the cell(s) in the attribute column blank.

Attributes can be created, but not deleted, via Bulk Upload.

To create a new attribute via Bulk Upload, simply include the new attribute name as a column header in your CSV. Any interviewers with a 1 listed in that attribute column will be added to the attribute. It is not possible to delete attributes via bulk upload.

Keep in mind that attribute creation is case sensitive. If you already have a Coding Exercise attribute, and you complete a bulk upload with the column header "coding exercise," a new attribute will be created.

Daily and Weekly limits must be edited together.

If you would like to edit daily and weekly limits via Bulk Upload, both the daily and weekly limit columns must be on the CSV file, and both must contain values in order for the upload to be successful.

Only CSV files are supported.

Other spreadsheet file types, such as .xlsx, cannot be used for Bulk Uploads in Prelude.

Still having trouble with Bulk Uploads? Chat with Prelude Support!

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