How to Complete a Bulk Upload

Complete a bulk upload with these simple steps!

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To begin a bulk upload, go to Settings > Interviewers > Bulk Upload. Download this sample CSV file to get started on formatting your file.

CSV Formatting Guidelines:

  1. The file should have one row per interviewer and one column per field you’d like to edit.

  2. The first column must contain each interviewer's email.

  3. The other columns should have the field or attribute name as the header.

  4. Only include the columns you wish to edit in your CSV, and delete any columns you do not wish to edit.

  5. Do not leave cells blank, as this could result in erasing existing data.

Format for bulk uploading attributes:

  • Include the attribute name as a column header.

  • For each interviewer row, put a 1 in the column of each attribute to which you’d like to add the interviewer OR keep the interviewer.

  • Leaving an attribute cell blank will remove the interviewer from that attribute.

  • To create a new attribute, include the new attribute name as a column header.

Note: Attribute names are case sensitive.

Format for bulk uploading load balancing limits:

  • Include Daily Limit, Weekly Limit, and Monthly Limit as column headers.

  • The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Limit columns must be on the CSV file together.

How to Upload your File

Once you finish your changes for the bulk upload file, save it as a CSV file.

When you are ready to upload your file, visit the Bulk Upload page in Settings.

  1. Click Browse to locate your file.

  2. Once you choose your CSV file, click Upload.

After a successful upload, you will see the following notification at the top of the screen:

Once this is complete, you will receive a confirmation email:

You should be able to see those changes reflected in the interviewer profiles, as well as the Interviewer Attributes page (if applicable).

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