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Updating Interviewer Email Addresses
Updating Interviewer Email Addresses

How to update an interviewer's email address directly from their Interviewer Profile.

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When an interviewer's email address changes in your company Directory, it is important to ensure that change is reflected in Prelude.

To ensure that your Interviewer and User email addresses are up-to-date Prelude will automatically sync with your company directory every 12 hours. Although this sync will occur without any action needed from you, there may be instances when you need to manually sync an interviewer email address before our automation takes place. You can easily do so directly from the Interviewer Profile!

How to Update an Interviewer's Email Address

  1. Search the Interviewer's name in the Interviewers tab.

  2. Click to open their Interviewer Profile.

  3. At the top of the Interviewer Profile, you will see a message stating, "New primary email found: [New email address]. Click here to sync."

  4. Select Click here to sync and the new email address will appear on the Interviewer Profile!

When updating Interviewer email addresses, be aware that:

  • Email sync will only be available if the primary email address for an interviewer has changed within your Google or Microsoft Directory.

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