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Formatting an Email Signature in Prelude Templates
Formatting an Email Signature in Prelude Templates

Learn how to personalize and brand your communications templates with email signatures.

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If you send emails through Prelude, you might want to include an email signature in your communication templates. Email signatures are an easy way to add a personal and professional touch to all of your Prelude communications.

While there are many ways you can format your email signature in Prelude templates, this article will explain how to create a signature with an image next to the text, like you see in the screenshot below.

To format your email signature:

  1. Open the template you would like to edit.

  2. Insert a table.

    1. Click the three dots in the text editor, then select the table icon.

    2. Hover over the table icon and select Table. Then select 2 cells across to create a 2x1 table.

  3. Add your image/logo.

    1. Click on the cell where you would like to add the image.

    2. Select the image icon and paste your image URL. You can copy the logo URL from your Brand Settings in Prelude, or use a different URL. For more instructions on how to generate an image URL, click Need a place to upload your logo? on the Brand Settings page.

    3. Adjust the width/height to be the appropriate size for your signature. You can always adjust this later, but as a starting point, try 100px as your width.

  4. Add your text.

    1. Type the desired text into the other cell of the table. You can use the text editor features to adjust font, font size, bold/italics, color, alignment, and more.

  5. Adjust the column width.

    1. Once you've added in your text, you will likely want change the column width of your table. To do this, click and drag the cell divider to the desired position.

  6. Remove or change the table borders and fill.

    1. If you'd like to remove the table borders for a more seamless look, click Table Properties and set the border width to 0px.

    2. If you'd like to change the border style, border color, or fill color, you can use the Table properties > Advanced options to do so.

  7. Once your signature is formatted as desired, click Update to save changes.

Tip: When adding email signatures to templates, we recommend including your name in the template title. This way, you and your team can easily identify which template contains your signature.

You can now apply this email template to any Prelude communications you desire!

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