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Requests Dashboard - Board View
Requests Dashboard - Board View

A new way to manage your team's Requests.

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The new Requests Board View makes it easier than ever to see important details about your team's Requests at a glance. With this view, you can quickly identify Request statuses, comments, tags, and more.

To switch from List view to Board view, click the Board button in the top right corner of your Requests list. You can easily switch back to the List view by clicking List.

๐Ÿ’ก Note: List View is still the default view on the Requests tab.

What can I see in Board View?

The board view organizes your Requests into individual cards, which are sorted into columns by Status.

Request cards will display the following information:

  • Candidate name, Job name, and Job stage

  • Comments

  • Flags

  • Interviewer response tags ("Declines," "Tentatives," "Responses pending," or "All invites accepted")

  • Link response tags ("Link sent," "Link sent x days ago")

  • "New" tags (for Requests that have just been created)

Be aware that a maximum of 500 cards can be displayed at once in Board View.

What can I do with Board View?

The Board View offers all the same functionality as the List View, and more! With the Board View, you can:

  • Filter by Assignee, Creator, Schedule Method, and Status

  • Display only Requests that require action from your team using the Show only action needed toggle

  • Write, delete, and restore comments on individual Requests

  • Flag Requests to pin them to the top of a column

  • Drag and drop Requests from one Status to another

Request Assignee Dropdown

An easy dropdown for viewing, assigning, and swapping assignees for various requests in the dashboard view. This provides a convenient short cut for changing an assignee without needing to navigate away from the dashboard view.

How it Works

  • In the dashboard view, you can find the assignee dropdown list by clicking on icon of the current assignee.

  • This will open a dropdown list with all available assignees in your account.

  • You can then easily view, assign, or swap assignees for different requests.

  • After you make your selection, a message will appear near the assignee drop-down to confirm that the change has been made.

Have questions about this new feature? Contact Prelude Support!

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