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How to set up your CoderPad integration in Prelude.

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To integrate Prelude with CoderPad, follow the steps below.

1. Get your CoderPad Interview API key

Your API key allows you to integrate Prelude with the Interview platform.

Go to the My Settings page in your CoderPad Interview account and copy the API Key:

Settings window is shown with the API key highlighted in the top right.

2. Log in to Prelude and open the CoderPad integration page.

This can be found under Settings > Integrations > Assessments > CoderPad.

3. Toggle the CoderPad integration on.

4. Paste the API key into the revealed input box and click Save.

5. Add CoderPad links to interview invites

After connecting to Prelude, you can create CoderPad Interview links for use by candidates and interviewers.

To add CoderPad links to Bookings and Requests:

Include the {{Assessment link}} placeholder in your email or invite templates.

To add CoderPad links to Loops:

Depending on your team's assessment link configuration, you will either:

  • Add CoderPad links to Interviewer Invites via the {{Assessment link}} placeholder, OR

  • Add CoderPad links to Interviewer Invites via the Add Coderpad button.

If you have any questions, please contact Prelude Support!

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