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Scheduled Report

The Scheduled Report provides data on all interviews scheduled through Prelude.

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The Scheduled Report provides data on all interviews scheduled through Prelude. The report counts interviews as they pertain to the scheduler, not as they pertain to the interviewers.

This report can be found by clicking on the Reports tab, selecting Scheduling category, and choosing the Scheduled report:

Note: This feature was released on November 15, 2022. Data from this report before that date will not appear.

How interviews are counted

  • The Scheduled report tells you how many interviews a user has scheduled (“scheduled” as in “set up” or “arranged.”)

  • Self-scheduled interviews (bookings and requests) do count toward the scheduled report.

  • Reschedules do not count toward the Scheduled report.

Bookings and Requests

Each booking/request counts one scheduled interview, regardless of how many interviewers are on the booking/request. The scheduled interview will be attributed to either the booking link owner (for booking links) or the request assignee (for booking requests).


Each Loop counts as one scheduled interview for the scheduler, regardless of how many individual interviews are in the Loop.

For example, if John schedules a single loop comprised of 4 interviews, this will appear as 1 interview scheduled by John in the Scheduled report.

Date Range Filters

When filtering by date range in the Scheduled report, the date range applies to when the interview was scheduled, not when it is set to begin.

For example: Jane schedules a Loop on January 1st, 2023. The first interview of the Loop begins on February 1st, 2023. If Jane sets the date range filter for 1/1/23 - 1/31/23, she will see the Loop because it was scheduled during the month of January. If she sets the date range to 2/1/23-2/28/23, she will not see the Loop because it was not initially scheduled during that time frame.

Therefore, upcoming interviews that have not yet been completed will be counted in the Scheduled report as long as the upcoming interview(s) was initially scheduled within the selected date range.

Interview Type Filters

In the Scheduled report, you can filter results by interview type (booking/loop/request). However, if you select multiple at once, you won’t be able to distinguish between types in the report.

Including Canceled Interviews

Users can elect to include or exclude canceled interviews from the Scheduled report results using the "Include canceled interviews" toggle:

If the toggle is on, users will see canceled interviews as well as the date/time of the cancellation and who it was canceled by.

If you don't have access to the Reports tab in Prelude, please reach out to your CSM.

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