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Rescheduled Report

The Rescheduled Report provides data on all interviews rescheduled through Prelude.

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The Rescheduled Report provides data on all interviews rescheduled through Prelude. The report counts interviews as they pertain to the scheduler, not as they pertain to the interviewers. Any edits or full reschedules made after initial scheduling will show in the Rescheduled Report.

Report Filters

Users can filter the Rescheduled report by:

  • Date range

  • User

  • Attribute and Job

  • Reschedule method

  • Reschedule type

Date Range Filters

When filtering by date range in the Rescheduled report, the date range applies to when the interview was edited/rescheduled, not when it was set to begin.

For example: Jane reschedules a Loop on January 1st, 2023. The first interview of the rescheduled Loop begins on February 1st, 2023. If Jane sets the date range filter for 1/1/23 - 1/31/23, she will see the Loop because it was rescheduled during the month of January. If she sets the date range to 2/1/23-2/28/23, she will not see the Loop because it was not rescheduled during that time frame.

Therefore, upcoming interviews that have not yet been completed will be counted in the Rescheduled report as long as the upcoming interview(s) were rescheduled within the selected date range.

Reschedule Method

Users can choose which type of interview changes are counted in their Rescheduled report using the Reschedule method filters:

This enables users to exclude simple edits from the Reschedules report if they only want to count "full reschedules."

Reschedule Type

Users can also choose to filter by Reschedule type, also known as Reschedule Reason. This is the reason that the user selects upon editing or rescheduling an interview:

Note that not all users will see the option to select a Reschedule Reason โ€“ this must be configured in Prelude under Settings > Company Settings > Reporting:

Candidate Declines Report Workaround

Prelude does not currently support an official Candidate Declines report, but the Reschedules Report offers a workaround for this.

If a user wants to see all "candidate declines," aka interviews that were rescheduled due to the candidate declining the original interview, they can:

  • Open the Reschedules Report

  • Select Reschedule Type > Candidate

  • Open the detailed reports to sort by individual Candidates

This report will not include full cancellations, only edits/reschedules due to the candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Does ANY change to an initial scheduling count towards the "Rescheduled" metric?

Example: An internal note is added to the body of the calendar invite but there is no change to the time/interviewers.

If the change is made in Prelude and updated invites are sent, it will be counted if the "Loop/Booking/Request Edit" box is checked in the Reschedule Report under "Reschedule Method."

Would the entire schedule need to change in order for it to count towards a "Reschedule", or would any replacement within an existing interview schedule affect the "Reschedule" metric?

It doesn't need to be a full reschedule to count. Users can choose to include or exclude edits vs. reschedules using the "Reschedule Method" box.

If you don't have access to the Reports tab in Prelude, please reach out to your CSM.

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