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Load Balancing Report
Load Balancing Report
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The Load Balancing Report provides data on interview limits over time. This report helps talent teams recognize trends amongst their interviewers' workloads and make changes to more evenly distribute interviews among their team members.

This report answers questions such as:

  • Who is consistently being scheduled to their daily/weekly limit?

  • Who is being scheduled over their limit?

  • Who isn't being scheduled enough?

The Load Balancing report can be found by clicking on the Reports tab, selecting Scheduling category, and choosing the Scheduled report:

How Interviews are Counted

  • Bookings, Requests, and Loops all count toward Load Balancing.

  • Each Booking and Request interview counts as 1 interview.

  • Each individual interview in a Loop counts as 1 interview.

  • Canceled interviews do not count toward the Load Balancing report. If an interview is canceled, that interview will no longer count toward the interviewer's daily/weekly limit.

  • Interviews from External Interviews Calendar(s) that have been set up in Prelude do count toward the load balancing report.

  • Interviews are counted toward load balancing when interviewers are marked optional (unless the interviewers decline).

Date Range Filters

When filtering by date range in the Load Balancing report, the date range applies to when the interview was set to occur, not when it was originally scheduled.

The Load Balancing report does include upcoming interviews, as long as the date range selector includes dates in the future.

Viewing the Report In-app

The report will show each interviewer on a separate line, with the dates in chronological order from left to right:

Day/Week Toggle

Users can choose to view daily or weekly limits using the Day/Week toggle. In the above example, the toggle (labeled as A) is set to Week view and the report displays the start of each week in the X-axis.

  • Day view will show each interviewer's daily conducted interviews compared to their daily limit, over the selected timeframe.

  • Week view will show each interviewer's weekly conducted interviews compared to their weekly limit, over selected timeframe.

Color Coding

Each cell in the Load Balancing report will have a different color depending on its numerical value. The higher the ratio of scheduled interviews to interview limit, the darker the color will be.

Any cell with a value > 1 (meaning that the interviewer conducted more interviews than their set limit) will appear red.

In the above example, in the week of July 23rd, interviewers Joseph and Robert have exceeded their weekly limit of 10 interviews by at least 1 interview, therefore the in-app report shows the cells as red (labeled as B).

Viewing the CSV Export

The CSV file will display in a different format. Each daily/weekly interview count and interview limit on its own line, in chronological order:

To sort the CSV by interviewer, the CSV file would need to be manually edited in a spreadsheet software. Prelude does not currently support a PDF download of reports, or keeping the in-app formatting in the CSV download.

If you don't have access to the Reports tab in Prelude, please reach out to your CSM.

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