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Interviewer Response Reminders
Interviewer Response Reminders

Interviewer response reminders were built to help RCs finalize candidate interviewers faster.

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Interviewer Response Reminders were built to help recruiting teams finalize interview scheduling faster by automating interviewer reminders.

This is found on the Settings page under the "Interviewers" dropdown in a tab called "Reminders"

As stated in the screenshot above, this is a company-wide setting to remind interviewers to respond to their calendar invites. Reminders are sent only to interviewers who have not accepted, declined or tentatively accepted an invite after the specified amount of time.

Setting up interviewer response reminders

For Booking Requests, Multi-Candidate Bookings, and Loops, set the time in which the reminder will be sent to the interviewer.

The time chosen applies to the time in which the initial interview invites were sent and if the interviewer is not responded.

Setting up additional interviewer response reminders

It is possible to set up multiple reminders per interview category as shown in the screenshot below.

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