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Loops - Edit Function
Loops - Edit Function

How to make changes to an upcoming loop scheduled

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To start editing a previously scheduled loop, you'll first need to filter and select the loop you would like to work on.

  1. Click on the "Interviews" tab in the main navigation.

  2. Filter for loops.

  3. Filter by creator of the scheduled loop.

  4. Set a time frame of the interview.

  5. Click the pencil icon to access the "Edit" page.

This tab allows for many easy and useful edit functionalities. Use the following steps to add or swap interviewers, change interview time and date, and more!

  1. Time & date swap: Click on the current interview time to reveal the option to change both interview time and date.

  2. Add Interviewer: Select "Add Interviewer" to display a drop-down list of available interviewers to add on the loop. For each interviewer, load balancing details will be viewable to make easy additions (similar to the graphic below).

  3. Calendar Preview: Select the calendar icon to show a calendar preview for each individual interviewer.

  4. Copy Schedule: Click on "Copy schedule" to make sending interview details a faster process.

  5. Time zone swap: Click on the drop-down to select the desired time zone in seconds. If needed, use step 5 again to copy your interview details with the new time zone.

6. Swap Interviewer: Hover over the name of the interviewer that you'd like to swap and click on the pencil icon to reveal a drop-down of potential interviewers. Make an easy selection with the help of displayed load balancing details under each name.

Make sure you finalize all changes by selecting "Update Interviews" (green button)!

Need to reschedule instead? Learn how here!

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