Adding a New User

How do I give a new user access to Prelude?

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Giving a New User Access to Prelude

Giving a new user access to Prelude is often as simple as having them login. First, they can navigate to the Prelude Sign-In page and select the SSO option that has been configured for their team. There are a few sign-in options, as shown below:

Be sure to let your teammate know what the appropriate sign-in option is for your company before they log on. They can click the correct one, follow the prompts, and they should be good to go!

Teams with Restricted Access

If your team has restricted Prelude access to certain users, you can contact Prelude Support! Please let us know the email address of the user you would like to grant Prelude access, and we will get them added to your access list.

Login Troubleshooting

Still having trouble logging in? Contact the Support team with a screenshot of the error you're receiving, and we'd be happy to help you out!

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