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Setting up and using our Zoom Integration.

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This integration allows you to add Zoom links to calendar invites, candidate communications, and even maintain a consistent Zoom link across a panel with various events across multiple days.

Setting up the Zoom integration

You will need an admin (usually someone on your internal IT team) to generate an API key for you. Go into your settings by clicking your initials in the top right corner of the page. Open the "Integrations" on the left and click "Zoom". You can click on "Instructions" on the integrations page to see the step-by-step guide.

Adding a Zoom Link to Bookings

You can add Zoom links to Bookings by adding the Zoom link placeholder into a calendar invite or email confirmation template as shown here:

Prelude will use the first interviewer (alphabetically by email) as the “host” of the meeting by default, and generate a unique link so you don’t have to worry about double-booking meetings with the same zoom link!

Adding a Zoom Link to Requests

Adding a Zoom link to a booking request is as easy as adding one to a booking link; just add the placeholder! This placeholder can be added manually to each calendar invite & confirmation email, or you can save time by adding it to your request templates in your settings here.

Adding a Zoom Link to Requests using the Chrome extension

If you happen to be using our chrome extension, the process is exactly the same! Simply apply the same templates you would use directly in Prelude, or add the Zoom link placeholder manually if needed.

Adding Zoom Links to Loops

Adding zoom links to loops is just as easy as adding them to booking links / requests. Due to the added complexity with a series of grouped interviews, however, Prelude allows for more granularity when selecting a zoom host and has you start by adding zoom links to the interviewers' calendar invites.

Adding Zoom Links to Interviewers' calendar invites

Once on the loops schedule page, you will find a dropdown under "Host for Zoom meetings," with the default option set to "First interviewer (alphabetically by email)."

You aren't limited to having the first interviewer as host, however. Within the same dropdown you can set the host to be yourself, search for a specific interviewer by name (for company-authenticated Zoom accounts only), or a random host from your host pool if you have that feature enabled (reach out to your CSM if interested!).

The base set of options within the dropdown will include the scheduler (yourself), First interviewer (alphabetically by email), and the ability to search for a specific interviewer by name (for company-authenticated Zoom accounts only). When selecting the "First interviewer" option, you will only see an "Add Zoom meeting" option which requires a zoom meeting to be manually added to each interview.

This is due to a Zoom limitation which prevents Prelude from generating a consistent link across all meetings when each meeting might have a different host. If you'd like to maintain a consistent link across these meetings, you have three options:

1. Set the scheduler (yourself) as the host from the dropdown and hit the "Add Zoom link to all events" button.

2. Using our host pool feature, set the host to "Host from host pool" and hit the "Add Zoom links to all events" button.

3. If your company has Zoom Rooms enabled, hit the "Add Zoom Room meeting to all events" button and select the Zoom Room in the "Room / Location" dropdown.

Note: Zoom Rooms are a Zoom feature, not a Prelude one. Please reach out to Zoom if you'd like to add this functionality to your account.

Interested in enabling host pools? Click here to learn more!

Adding Zoom Links to a candidate's calendar invites and emails

Once zoom links have been added to the interviewers' calendar invites, be sure to select the correct calendar and hit the "Schedule" button.

You'll then be taken to the loop edit page, where can attach your Zoom links into a candidate's calendar invites and email communications.

In both the "Candidate Invites" and "Candidate Communications" sections you will find Video conference link placeholders. You can add these manually, or or you can save time by adding them to your Candidate Invites and Candidate Emails templates in your settings here.

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