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Creating a Superday: Interview Setup
Creating a Superday: Interview Setup

How to set up your Superday.

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To create a Superday, go to the Superdays page and click New Superday. Then, enter the job name and stage, and create a unique name for your Superday.

Don't see the "Superdays" tab? Contact Support to get company access to the Superdays feature.

Once you've created your Superday, you'll be taken to the Interview Setup page. Continue reading for more information about each part of the Superday setup.

Superday Interview Setup

Once you've opened a new Superday, you'll see a number of customization options:

  1. Interviews per candidate: The number of interviews constituting one complete panel for a candidate. Whatever number is entered into this field is the number of "Interview Name" and "Interviewers" boxes that will populate below.

  2. Interview duration: The length of each interview in the panel. Note: each interview must be the same length, as interviewers will be rotating through candidates on a round robin basis.

  3. Candidates in parallel: The number of candidates who will be completing interviews simultaneously.

  4. Interview groups: The number of sets of interview panels. (Ex: One group of 4 candidates can interview simultaneously from 9 AM to 11 AM; a second group of 4 candidates can interview simultaneously from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. This makes 2 total groups). All interview groups within the Superday will have the same interviewer rotation.

  5. Video conference: Add a video conferencing tool to your Superday, if needed.

  6. Assessment: Add an assessment link such as CoderPad or HackerRank to your Superday, if needed.

  7. Date & Time: The date and time of your Superday. *The time will auto-populate depending on how you have configured your interviews. You will choose the start time for each group, but the length of that group will depend on the duration and number of interviews per panel.

  8. Time Zone: The time zone in which the Superday schedule will be displayed. This can always be adjusted for candidate or interviewer communications later on.

Now you're ready to enter your interview details! This part functions just like Loops interview setup.

Adding Interview Details

Once you've configured the general settings for your Superday, you can begin adding information about each interview in the panel. You'll need to add a name for each interview (by choosing your Greenhouse Interview Kit). You'll also need to add at least one interviewer per interview. You can do this by selecting specific interviewers or using interviewer attributes.

Keep in mind that if you list two interviewers side by side, you are telling Prelude to require both interviewers for the interview. If you'd like Prelude to choose one interviewer from of a pool of options, you can use the "Alternates" feature. See the example below:

You can also choose to add a break between interviews:

Once you've added all of your interview details, click Next. You can always return to the Interview Setup page later.

Interviewer Constraints

Superdays do not read interviewer calendars for availability. We suggest having interviewers sign up for a particular day and clear their calendars so that they can be assigned several rounds of interviews.

Superdays do take into account interviewers' load balancing limits, time preferences, and blockout dates.

Now that you've configured your interview setup, you're ready to schedule your candidates! Click here for instructions on Superday scheduling.

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