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Creating a Superday: Schedule
Creating a Superday: Schedule

How to schedule candidates for Superdays.

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Once you reach the Schedule stage of your Superday, you can begin scheduling candidates and sending out interviewer invites.

Continue reading for a detailed look at the features on the Schedule page.

  1. Add Candidate: You can manually assign a candidate to an interview slot using this button.

  2. Add interview group: If you decide you'll need to accommodate more candidates during the Superday, click "Add interview group" and another set of interviews will populate.

  3. View Full Schedule: Click this button to get a full view of each candidate's schedule for the Superday (before or after scheduling candidates). You'll see a layout like this:

  4. Allow candidates to self-schedule: Toggle this button on to generate a candidate self-scheduling link. Click Candidate scheduling options to customize the display time zone, confirmation email, and rescheduling options.

    1. This is a generic link that can be sent to anyone.

    2. Responses will only be collected if the email submitted by the candidate matches the email of an active candidate for that job and stage in Greenhouse.

    3. Candidates will sign up for an available time slot, but they will not know any further details about their schedule when they sign up.

  5. Interviewer Invites: Send calendar invites to your scheduled interviewers. This step can be done before and/or after scheduling candidates. The interviewer invites will have a grid view of the full Superday schedule that looks like this:

Once your candidates are scheduled and you've sent out interviewer invites, you'll want to make sure that you send your candidates a confirmation message.

Click here to read more about Superday candidate communications.

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