Interviewer Attributes: Overview

Use attributes to specify interviewer traits and skills, and schedule from a pool of options.

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Interviewer Attributes let you specify an interviewer's traits. You can use Attributes to categorize interviewers by special skill set, location, department, demographic โ€“ the possibilities are endless!

When scheduling, Attributes can be used to find an interviewer from a pool of options that share a particular trait or skill. Prelude will look through all matching interviewers and select the one whose availability fits the schedule best.

Keep reading to learn more about Attribute setup and use.

Creating an Attribute

To create a new Interviewer Attribute, start by heading to Settings > Interviewers > Interviewer Attributes, or click this link to get there directly.

Click the green "Create New" button in the top righthand corner. Give your attribute a name, and then click "OK."

You can then search interviewers to add to the attribute. Once you've selected your interviewers, they'll appear below the search bar. When you're done, click "Save."

Your attribute is now ready to use in Loops, Bookings, Requests, and Superdays!

Bulk Uploading Attributes

Did you know that attributes could be updated in bulk? Prelude lets you add or remove interviewers from Attributes with a CSV file! For Bulk Upload instructions, see this article.

For information about setting up Interviewer Training Plans, click here.

For information about how to schedule using Attributes and Training Plans, click here.

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