Scheduling with Interviewer Attributes

Schedule Loops and Bookings using Interviewer Attributes

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You've set up your interviewer attributes, and you're ready to get scheduling!

Attributes can be used for scheduling both Bookings/Requests and Loops.

Keep reading to see how Attributes function in each area of the product.

Scheduling with Attributes: Bookings/Requests

To use Attributes in Bookings/Requests, simply select the attribute(s) when designating an interviewer for that interview.

Send your booking link as normal, and the candidate will see time slot options that aren't associated with a specific interviewer. The booking link will display the company name, rather than a specific interviewer's name.

Candidates will see booking options that reflect availability from all attribute members' calendars.

Once the candidate has selected a time, Prelude will assign an available interviewer (from the attribute) to that interview.

Prelude will take into account interviewer availability, blockout dates, and load balancing when choosing from the attribute pool.

Scheduling with Attributes: Loops

Scheduling with attributes functions in Loops much like it does in Bookings!

For each interview in your panel, you can set an attribute (or multiple attributes) as the interviewer(s). In this example, we'll use the attribute called "Culture Add."

You can add another interviewer from the same attribute by typing in the attribute again. In this example, the interview will be hosted by two interviewers, both from the Culture Add attribute:

You could also set the interview to have multiple interviewers, each from a different attribute. In this example, we'll have two interviewers – one from the Culture Add attribute, and one from the Sales Team attribute.

Finally, you can combine attributes if you'd like Prelude to select an interviewer from either of a set of attributes, or if you'd like Prelude to select an interviewer that is in all of a set of attributes. For more instructions, click here.

Scheduling with Attributes: Loops Results Page

Once you've set your interviewers and attributes on the Loop Setup page, you'll see a variety of schedule results, each of which may have a different interviewer selected. Prelude chooses interviewers from your attribute pool based on load balancing and calendar availability, so results will vary.

When scheduling with attributes, your Results page should look something like this:

Each schedule result will give you the name of the interviewer as well as the attribute they've been selected from for that interview.

If you need to switch out an interviewer on this screen, simply click the interviewer's name and you'll see a drop-down of all other interviewers in that attribute, along with a calendar icon indicating their availability during that interview time:

Just choose the schedule option you like best, send your invites, and you're good to go!

Want to learn more? Click here to read about adding trainees to Loops interviews.

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