Promoting and Graduating Trainees

Move trainee interviewers to the next stage of their training plan.

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Once you've set up your interviewer training plans, you're ready to get training! As your interviewers complete training stages, they’ll need to be promoted to the next stage, or graduated from training.

How to Promote and Graduate Trainees

Once your trainees have completed a stage of training, you'll be prompted to promote them to the next stage. You'll know that there are trainees ready for promotion if you see a red dot on your Interviewers tab, like this:

To review trainees for promotion, click on the Interviewers tab, then click "Training". In the top right hand corner, you'll see the option to "Review trainees for promotion."

Click "Review trainees for promotion" to see a list of trainees who have completed their current training stage and are ready to move to the next. For each trainee, you'll see which attribute they're training for, their current stage, and when that stage was completed. You can then choose to Skip, Promote, or Graduate.

  1. Skip - If your interviewer isn't quite ready to be moved up to the next training stage, you can choose to Skip their promotion, and they'll remain in their current training stage. Once they've completed another training and are ready to move up, you'll have the option to promote them again. You will not receive promotion notifications for skipped trainees, unless they have been unskipped.

  2. Promote - Move a trainee to the next stage in the training plan.

  3. Graduate - Move a trainee out of training and into the regular attribute pool. You’ll only see this option once a trainee has completed their final training stage.

Promoting a Previously Skipped Trainee

To promote a trainee whose promotion you've skipped in the past, simply open the "Review trainees for promotion" pop-up and toggle on the "Show skipped" button.

You'll see the option to "Unskip" any previously-skipped trainees. Unskipping makes the trainees eligible for promotion again, so when they complete their training stage, you'll see the "Review trainees for promotion" notification. You can also choose to Promote or Graduate the trainees directly.

Manually Promoting or Graduating Trainees

Trainees can manually be promoted or graduated on the Interviewer Attributes page.

First, navigate to Settings > Interviewers > Interviewer Attributes. Select the attribute that applies to the trainees you'd like to promote, graduate, or remove.

You can then make the following changes:

  • Drag and drop trainees to promote or regress stages.

  • Click the "check" icon to graduate the trainee to the attribute.

  • Click the "x" icon to remove a trainee from the training plan.

Now that you know how to manage your interviewer training, it's time to get scheduling! For more information about scheduling with Interviewer Attributes and Training Plans, see this article.

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